HyperCX Vault


HyperCX vault is a backup solution that keeps versioning of VM’s images. HyperCX vault enables users to make incremental backups and manage those backups. If something goes wrong user can have a 90 day backup to recover from.

How it works?

HyperCX vault is a backup server which resides on the same geographical region but on a different physical server so in case of any failure user can revert back to their previous data and carry on with their important tasks with the VM.

Setup HyperCX vault

To setup HyperCX vault all a user needs to do is add a tag to their important VMs so that HyperCX identifies those VMs and sequentially backup them. Following are the required steps to enable HyperCX vault

  1. Navigate to the VM that needs to be backed up and select it.

  2. Now add a label “Backup” to the VM.(The name of this label may or may not be “Backup” please consult Virtalus Support to confirm)

And that’s all you need to do to setup sequential backups.


Q: Is HyperCX vault an alternative for Disaster recovery?

A: No, HyperCX vault offers backup and restore features but in case of any uncontrollable and unavoidable circumstances (Natural disasters) all your important data might not be safe. HyperCX also offers disaster recovery which backs up user’s crucial data on a remote cluster click here to setup disaster recovery with HyperCX.